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12 Oct 2006

My first mobile post using the Palm Life Drive

I am on a technology drive! ive just invested in a Palm life drive with 4 GB of hard drive, a wireless full size fold away keyboard, and to come manana, an Eten 600 smart phone, i know I know, its not Christmas!

My goal? to be the tech geek on the block? - no, to become a true mobile business and use my time and energy in the most efficient way.

So in true Top Gear style (get better Richard Hammond) I am going on an extreme crash and burn technology test course or better known as "Gone Fishing"!
I am leaving for the mythical river Ebro on November the 6th to pit my wits against the mighty river Ebro Catfish, (current lower Ebro record of 167lbs!) and in between fighting 100lbs+ monsters I hope to catch some of the beautiful and bountiful common Carp. Whilst all this rod bending action is going on I will be live and posting from the banks of the Ebro.

If that doesnt sound like a tall order then imagine trying to run 2 online busy retail shops from the middle of no where! ok get the picture?

So you can look forward to some great excitment, plenty of nightmares, flat batteries and laughs, if this sounds like fun then be sure to check back regularly as I try to dominate this wifi/bluetooth/gprs mini world that im going to let run my life for me for a while.
Take care and hasta pronto,

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