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12 Oct 2006

Boutique 1 quits as Frostfire agent

Boutique 1 announced today the termination of the sales agreement with Frostfire Ltd importers of Chinese manufactured jewelry using crystals by the world famous Swarovski company of Austria.
Boutique 1, launched earlier in the summer of 2006 has had a very positive response to its range of eclectic designs and colors from UK based clothing and accessories manufacturer Uttam of London. Fraser Cairns, owner and founder of Boutique1 was said to be disappointed at the breakdown of the agreement with Frostfire and said.
"Its a shame, the marketing team has really put allot of time and effort into promoting the Frostfire brand to the Spanish market." he further added,
"At Boutique1 we believe in working closely with our suppliers in a dynamic and beneficial way, with the outcome that we can provide our clients with excellent well priced quality fashion clothing and accessories, unfortunately this was not possible with the management at Frostfire Ltd."
Cairns was quick to make clear that all orders of Frostfire jewelry would be delivered in the normal way, but the future advertising campaign for the jewelry line had been cancelled.

Boutique 1 also announced that it is looking for a reliable, quality led jewelry manufacturer to replace Frostfire and they can be contacted by leaving a post on this blog.

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