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20 Jan 2010

A new Childrens charity, Gulf of Hope in La Union, El Salvador

A face full of future hope

Gulf of Hope is a new charity, providing support to the children of La Union, El Salvador. We currently provide schooling for six little girls, and school supplies to about 30 boys and girls, as well as clothes and other needs we identify when we get there.
We are aiming for nonprofit humanitarian organization status which we hope to achieve in 2010. We are focusing on providing the means for education to impoverished children. We are hoping that caring donors the world over give these poor children an opportunity at a better life.
As an organization, we are fairly young. In the future, we are hoping to impact every aspect of a child's life, providing assistance to ‘our children’ in areas such as:
Health: access to a doctor, dentist, vaccines and medicine
Education: uniforms and school supplies, tuition assistance, access to tutoring
Nutrition: malnutrition screenings, feeding programs, supplements and educational programs
Youth: peer education, civic responsibility and scholarships
Community: clean-water initiatives, sanitary latrines and micro-enterprise programs
Family: household items, income-generation programs, educational opportunities and housing and home-repair assistance

She has the chance at a good education thanks to our donors

Gulf of Hope: education as a tool against poverty, violence, drug and alcohol abuse.
She has the chance at a good education thanks to our donors

Every little helps!
$5 provides school supplies for two children for a full six months.
$5 provides food for a child for a week.
$25 provides school fees for a child for a month.
$40 a check-up at both the doctor and the dentist for a child.
$500 will provide quality education for a child for a whole year – the basis for a better tomorrow for the child and the family!
Donations are accepted year-round and will be distributed when appropriate. For further information, keep an eye on this blog or just ask!

Visit Gulf of Hope and give them your support

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