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22 Sep 2006

Hi, Im Fraser Cairns

Hi and welcome to my blog!
My name is Fraser Cairns and I have recently launched El Boutique 1, a funky online fashion boutique, hosted at the moment on Ebay.
If you would like to see the collection of Uttam clothes for Women, or the jewellery by Frostfire and Swarovski, please check out

I hope to use this blog for many things, perhaps as a starting point to find out more about blogs. Ive just started reading Blog Marketing and I´m finding it inspirational - anyone else out there read it yet?. On the subject of books I recently finished The Long Tail, what a cracking read, its been a long time since a business book got me this wired up. So really, its a learning and experimenting excercise for me.

I would also like to create a point of contact with my many customers all over Spain and the world, I just had my first Mexican customer yesterday!. As some of my electrical product range is technical I will use the blog to store usar manuals and the like and would like to hope that in time it could serve as a meeting point for like minded enthusiasts.
I actually have 2 online shops, the first was set up just under 2 years ago, and as the name would suggest, I stock a full range of Skype equipment, Walkie Talkie radios - specializing in Chinese imports, and other electrical goods.

Talking of which, I´m using Skype more and more these days, its just so fantastic for instant and great communication. Most of my recent online work has been developing and launching my new shop; elboutique1, my good friend Michael Johansson - - has been my savior. The mans an expert on 360ยบ photo production and a bloody genius as far as Im concerned on all HTML problems, that I seem to be forever battering my head on. Weve been sending 100´s of fotos and HTML texts back and forward and creating great looking ads with ease. Thank you Skype I dont think I could live without you!

It will also form an online record of the highs and the lows of being an online retailer, more highs than lows I hope, but I can take the rough with the smooth. Its funny how life throws you into different and exhilirating worlds, only 3 months ago I sold electrical goods, now Im high tailing it with the rich and the beautiful in Marbella and doing photo shoots. I met Candice Curtis just a couple of weeks ago over lunch with a mutual friend, and if you want to see more of what that lunch turned into check out the Uttam 1st shoot photos. Not too much critisism on the photo quality please it was my first time! If you would like more info on Candice please check out her new blog,
So I think thats it for my first post, stay tuned, Fraser


Candice Curtis said...

Hey you sexy stud! How's it hanging? The photo's are fab, looking forward to shooting the next one's, such a giggle and your such a talented photographer! x's

Michael said...

Hey Fraser. Nice work on the shooting the pics. :-)

I do like the style of the Uttam collection and I´m sure you gonna sell a lot. Specially with good looking models as Mike and Candice.

"eo ire itum"